About The Author Institute

The Author Institute was founded in 2020 by international best-selling author Jason Schenker, to help leaders tell their stories, build their brands, and create new opportunities. We train new and emerging leaders in applied content marketing strategies to boost their corporate and individual profiles. Learners take courses and use training materials to generate original thought leadership content, write professionally meaningful books, and boost their visibility. A certification is also offered for learners who successfully create a book or generate significant content.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help leaders tell their stories by writing and publishing complete books that meaningfully increase their professional visibility, open up new career opportunities, and position them as thought leaders.

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Watch the Video

Founding & Origins

The Author Institute was founded in 2020 by international best-selling author Jason Schenker, to help leaders learn how to use content marketing to share their ideas and elevate their professional careers. Jason has written and published over 30 books.

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Our publishing process can take as little as 30 days from start to finish!

Low Cost

Other programs cost up to $100K, which is over 30x more than our program!


All content is online so you can write your book on the go!

Proven Results

Our process has produced dozens of books, including a dozen best sellers on Amazon!


Our videos cover seven critical components to get your book completed and become an author. We also include checklists and book templates to help you get started, as well as additional resources to guide you along your writing and thought leadership journey.

The Author Vault®


A finished book should be a polished final product. Our proprietary checklist accompanies the Proof Your Book course to help you complete a book you are proud of.


Writing a book is a culmination of small steps. Track your book progress to completion with our proprietary activity tracker. The tracker shows you how you’re doing and what’s next.


Writing a book is hard – if you don’t have the right tools! That’s why a Microsoft Publisher template is included in The Author Vault® to help make writing your book easy. This template has been used to create over 30 books, including a dozen bestsellers.

Supporting Documents

Publishing a book requires ISBN numbers and uploading your book on the KDP platform with Amazon. These documents show you the step-by-step activities you must do to publish your book properly.

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