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Write the Future

Don’t know what to write about or how? This course explains how to structure and outline your book as well as the value of writing about future trends and topics.

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In This Course:

The First Rule Of Writing A book
Traditional Publishing Vs Self-Publishing
A Good Book Is A Done Book
When The Fun In Writing Your Book Dies The Book Dies Too
Perfect Is The Enemy of Done
Begin With The End In Mind
Write A Book People Will Read
There's A Formula To Getting A Book Done
If You Get Stuck Just Write
Writing As A Futurist
Book As Business Card
Identifying Your Audience
Setting Reasonable Goals
Outlining Your Book
Your Team
The Future Of Squirrels
Picking A Title And Cover
The Secret Formula
Anecdotes, Data, And Pictures
Font, Points, And White Space
Footnotes, Endnotes, And Citations
Promoting Yourself And Your Brand
Day 1
Day 2 - Day 5
Day 6 - Day 10
Day 11 - Day 19
Day 20
Day 21
Day 22
Day 25
Day 30
Royalty Money
Repurposing Content And Control
Clients And Customers
You Will Be Wrong
Second Editions
Write The Future
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