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Becoming an author and sharing your professional story can create significant new professional opportunities to accelerate your career, grow your business, and become a thought leader.

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Writing a meaningful professional book can position you as a respected leader in your field. Sharing what you know helps others and it can also open up new opportunities for you.


Authors often have opportunities to speak at conferences and other venues. Without a book, it is difficult to be booked as a paid speaker. With a book, the opportunities are much greater!


Books often turn into consulting opportunities. Leaders, clients, colleagues, and people you don’t even know will read your book. Some of those people may engage you for consulting work. You can increase your chances by mailing signed copies of your book to people you admire and want to work with – or work for.

Book Revenue

There are opportunities to make money selling your book. But beware! Giving a book away is often much more valuable than selling it, and focusing on revenue from book sales can end up costing you more lucrative professional opportunities.

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